Unlike the undergraduate challenges of the Balanced Man Program, the Ducal Crown Challenge isn’t part of a linear progression; Ducal Crown Challenge participants don’t progress through the challenges in a particular order. Rather, alumni and volunteers who partake in the Ducal Crown Challenge pick which challenge they wish to take on.

As a whole, the Ducal Crown Challenge is broken down into the three Balanced Man ideals of Sound Mind, Sound Body, and Sound Spirit. Each ideal has a number of challenges that focus on a specific area or theme of the whole. Ducal Crown Challenge participants pick one or more of these challenges after setting a vision to follow.

The challenges are built to be very granular, which allows everyone to be able to participate in the program; regardless of how busy someone is, there is always at least one hour that is wasted in some shape or form. For those that want a bigger challenge, however, multiple challenges may be taken on at once.

The layout of the challenge is simple, yet deeply introspective. It starts with personal reflection, creating a vision of an improved life from that, developing goals from the vision, and finally working at accomplishing those goals. Throughout the course of the challenge, time will be spent reflecting on progress made, what obstacles lay in the way, and how to overcome them.

If you would like to learn more about the Ducal Crown Challenge, you can view the full outline of the challenge here, or you can contact our Balanced Man Steward, Brad Polzar, at polzarb@gmail.com.