Wisconsin Theta Mentorship Program

The purpose of the Mentorship Program is:

  • To develop relationships between the individual members of the undergraduate chapter and the alumni.
  • To provide insight and advice to younger members of the chapter to aid in individual and chapter growth.
  • To open lines of communication between the alumni and undergraduates in order to help establish inter-generational relationships.

For the program, alumni are paired with undergraduate chapter members. The mentor and mentee communicate by online medium at least once a week. They also have at least one phone conversation or in-person meeting per month. The topics of conversation are chosen by the mentor and mentee as the undergraduate members can tailor the program to their needs. Each mentor and mentee are paired together for one academic year. At the end of the year, a new mentor is given to the undergraduate member. However, contact between the two parties even after the formal mentor/mentee relationship has concluded is encouraged. An AVC member, in conjunction with the VP of Member Development, is in charge of facilitating the program.

If any alumni are interested in joining in on this opportunity, please contact the AVC.