An Alumni and Volunteer Corporation (AVC) is an independent, non-profit corporation established to serve and benefit the alumni, volunteers and undergraduates of a specific chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

The Fraternity’s Grand Chapter Bylaws call for the alumni of an undergraduate chapter to:

“. . . incorporate to form an Alumni and Volunteer Corporation to serve the alumni and volunteers of a given chapter, as well as to serve as a landlord for the undergraduate chapter and to provide advice and counsel to the undergraduate chapter. The Alumni and Volunteer Corporation serves at the pleasure of the alumni of any given chapter, but can be temporarily replaced by the national Fraternity if the Alumni and Volunteer Corporation is not acting in accord with its fiduciary duties toward its members and the undergraduate chapters.”

Because undergraduate chapter membership turns over every four years, the AVC provides continuity by maintaining a long-term perspective. AVCs that focus on the following will ensure the long-term growth and success of the chapter: Mentoring undergraduates, cultivating alumni, managing assets, and maintaining corporate health.

The volunteers on the AVC are responsible for advising and counseling the undergraduate leaders of the chapter.  Effective mentors will help to shape the direction of the chapter in recruitment, member development, leadership development and fiscal health.

Additionally, the AVC should maintain a dialogue with chapter alumni.  Strong, alumni-focused communications, combined with annual alumni events, help build a lasting affinity for Sigma Phi Epsilon.  The AVC should also have regular communication with parents, university officials, local SigEp alumni and community leaders.  Quarterly meetings with the Greek life office help ensure that the chapter can utilize university resources to reach its goals.  By developing and engaging a network of support, the AVC can recruit new volunteers and donors to better support the chapter.

The AVC is entrusted with the protection and growth of the chapter’s assets.  Each chapter has a scholarship fund with the SigEp Educational Foundation, through which tax deductible donations may be made.  AVCs that own or manage real estate should also have a plan for both regular operations and capital improvements.

Finally, the AVC is responsible for maintaining the health of the corporation.  As an independent, non-profit corporation, there are regular and annual responsibilities to the members of the corporation, the state and the IRS.

Source: (Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity: 2012 http://www.sigep.org/resources/avc/)