The Balanced Man Program

First implemented by Sigma Phi Epsilon in the fall of 1992, the Balanced Man Program (BMP) is the Fraternity’s award winning leadership development program. It is a self-paced, personal development experience. The BMP’s premise is based around “universal respect for self and others,” living a balanced life, and the Balanced Man concept of sound mind, sound body, and sound spirit. The quote “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” by Aristotle models the BMP.

The BMP fosters environments and builds brotherhood that is conducive of leadership and academics. Throughout the four-year, single-tiered, member development program, brotherhood is built and strengthened through four challenges that are based upon where the member is in his college career.



Through the program, members are exposed to leadership positions, experiential learning exercises, self-development clinics, mentoring, and other individual and chapter activities that foster balanced living and universal respect. In this program, all members have the same rights and privileges.

The cornerstone of the BMP are mentoring, community involvement, experiential learning, and brotherhood. These cornerstones are the foundation for becoming not only a Balanced Man but also a mature professional. SigEp’s BMP builds brotherhood, positive habits, and key life skills by developing individual members through mentoring, community service. It develops the chapter through experiential learning activities and enhanced Ritual ceremonies in five challenges.

The Five Challenges

Sigma Challenge

Building a foundation for brotherhood: Adjusting and assimilating into the chapter and campus community.

In the Sigma Challenge, members participate in time management workshops, learn to handle commitments, build teams through shared goals and pursuits, practice values-based leadership, and live SigEp’s cardinal principles. They also learn about SigEp’s history, its current standing in the Greek community, and its future.

To view our chapter’s Sigma Challenge requirements, click here.

 Phi Challenge

Understanding the benefits of fraternalism: Building balance, cultivating the values and knowledge that a man needs to excel at college, SigEp, and life.

In the Phi Challenge, members learn best practices in personal and professional etiquette, begin their involvement in other student organizations, begin to develop leadership and professional skills, and learn pertinent personal health and wellness information.

To view our chapter’s Phi Challenge requirements, click here.

Epsilon Challenge

Brothers as leaders: Exploring the issues a servant leader faces.

In the Epsilon Challenge, members serve as leaders in the chapter and/or on campus and are challenged to move beyond their cultural comfort zone. They participate in a service-learning project to give back to the campus or community and begin to build professional skills that will distance them from their peers.

To view our chapter’s Epsilon challenge requirements, click here.

Brother Mentor Challenge

Developing and utilizing the skills as a servant leader, especially as a mentor.

In the Brother Mentor Challenge, members gain valuable life skills in financial planning, entertaining, and major life decisions. They build contacts outside the chapter through alumni engagement and national programs, mentor younger members, and identify where the SigEp experience will take them next.

To view our chapter’s Brother Mentor challenge requirements, click here.

Fellow Challenge

Some SigEps commit to a 500 hour service learning project, utilizing all Balanced Man ideals.

In the Fellow Challenge, participants organize their brothers to benefit the community, create an entrepreneurial venture to support the local community, learn project management skills, and leave a legacy in the community. Some projects have included establishing a local triathlon, providing day-care services for underprivileged families, restoring a town center, and reclaiming portions of a national park. These men are the epitome of servant leadership, and are recognized at the national level for their service.


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